Digital studio building socially aware software for a very complex world

Planes Over London

A helpful tool for people living under Heathrow's flight paths

Lite Flights

The world’s first flight search engine showing accurate carbon emissions

Aircraft Stowaways

Telling the stories of all known stowaway journeys since 1946

Direction of Travel

Digital platform for a very analogue product

Christian Nolle

Creative director. Leads on client, design and user experience work.

Clancy Hood

Lead developer. Creates and maintains our tools, systems and infrastructure.

We build web-based projects for clients. This includes apps, platforms, infrastructure, websites, interactive maps and whole lot more. Here is an incomplete list of some of the many things we provide. Often our projects combine many of these together to form a coherent whole.

  • Concept development

  • Prototyping

  • UX Design

  • Visual Design

  • Front & backend development

  • Headless architecture

  • Infrastructure

  • Maintenance & support