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Born explorers, we love maps and we're rather good at designing them. You can explore some of our mapping work below. If you have an idea or a project that involves a map we would love to hear from you.

Saturday Club

For the National Saturday Club we develop a interactive map. It shows all the member clubs across the UK spread across four pathways. You can search for a club nearest you, filter by type and much more.

Aircraft Stowaways

This project charts the routes of all known aircraft stowaways: individuals who fled their countries by hiding in the landing gear compartment of an aircraft.

Baram Dam

This map visualises the extent of the damage if the construction of the Baram Dam would go ahead. It would wipe out tens of villages and make thousands of people homeless. We worked with a local NGO to create this interactive map as part of a larger campaign aimed at stopping the dams construction. It ultimately succeeded.

Circuit Training

This little project is a small tool we develop in-house to assist in the post-flight analysis during flight training. You would be able to compare heights flown from circuit to circuit.

Blue Marine Foundation Projects

Blue Marine Foundation Map

IsDB Projects

Islamic Development Bank

Map for Big Issue Invest

Big Issue Invest Map

Mapping Malaysian Election Fraud

Mapping Malaysian Election Fraud