Islamic Development Bank

Shaping its central web platform and related communication.

Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) is a multilateral development bank, striving to promote partnerships, innovation and empowerment for people all over the world. It is committed to promoting social and economic development in its 57 member countries and in Muslim communities worldwide.

We have worked with IsDB since the launch of their new brand and continue to influence its development. We have helped to create its visually dynamic website and shape it's digital narrative, highlighting the vast extent and influence of their work around the world.

  • 10K+ pages

  • 30+ departments

  • 5 languages

  • 4 custom maps

  • 4 integrated Drupal installations

Custom Maps

We built a number of custom interactive maps to highlight the work of the bank as a whole, and those of individual departments. For this we built custom systems both for access of data APIs and for the periodic manual submission and checking of complex data.

Multi-Departmental Editing

IsDB is a huge organisation split into many departments each with its own specific needs. To meet this challenge we built a bespoke administration interface that compartmentalises content amongst IsDB's internal departments.

In this way it is instantly clear who is responsible for what content, even as that content is mixed and repurposed in various ways across the public-facing site.

Dynamic Multilingual Content

We have built many multilingual sites over the years, and each comes with its own unique challenges.

  • IsDB publishes text in a myriad of ways - in news bulletin form, in official documentation, and according to the needs of each department.

  • In addition to English, Arabic and French the site is also partly translated into regional languages to meet the needs of those regional departments and their audiences.

  • This requires attention to detail in the way in which the site is constructed for each language user.

  • This is particularly complex when it comes to content listings, search results, and the administration and maintenance of translations.

  • We provided the bank with bespoke solutions, built on top of Drupal's robust multilingual data structure, to best meet these dynamic challenges.

Cloud Technologies

To meet IsDB's global audience the site is served through a global Content Delivery Network and is backed by a number of technologies to provide security, scalability, speed and high-availability.

We use cloud search engine technology to provide not only search results but also content listings such as news, thus providing lightning-fast retrieval and spreading load across the cloud.

To do this we built a bespoke search document structure to which all content is reduced and stored in a search index. This also provides a number of other advantages, not least language stemming and the maintenance of a constant queryable index of content across the site.

In conjunction with load-balancing, network file storage, cloud database tools and comprehensive backup technologies, IsDB is a site very much hosted in the cloud.