Planes Over London

A helpful tool for people living under Heathrow's flight paths

What we did

  1. Concept

  2. Design

  3. Development

  4. Propaganda

  5. Outreach

Millions of Londoners live under Heathrow's flightpath and are impacted by the airport's close proximity to the capital, but it is not everyday that planes destined for Heathrow fly over the city.

Planes Over London was created to predict air traffic over the capital. It gives visitors a 14 day forecast and a live view of what's happening now. It shows the runway currently in use and it carefully tracks the number of daily landing including delayed aircraft.

Weather & Windsor

The site responds to changing weather and the time of the day, it provides a continuous picture of the planes and their impact above London. It also features a Windsor mode, for those days when they are not over flying central London, but can be found approaching the airport over Windsor castle.