Planes Over London

Helping Londoners sleep better

Planes over London is a project which provides Londoners with up-to-date information about air traffic over the capital. Using the very latest data on wind direction, the creators have produced a 16-day forecast chart which reveals the days on which aircraft will (and will not) fly directly over London. This information gives people an accurate assessment of future aircraft activity over the city, which can begin as early as 4.30am.

The project was created during the Covid-19 lockdown, not only to provide Londoners with this useful daily information, but as a result of our own interest in air travel and its connection to the communities below. We work with the latest weather data to calculate the approach of landing air traffic for each day. This is based on the prediction that an easterly wind leads to aircraft approaching Heathrow from the east, flying over Windsor instead of the city itself.

What we did

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