freuds is one of the UK's largest full service PR agencies. In 2017, we designed and built them a new website that combines dramatic visuals with an editorial approach and frictionless user experience to create a totally bespoke product that supports freud's broad range of content and services.

We continue to collaborate with freuds to develop their own digital spaces as well as related ambitious editorial projects.

What we did

  • Information architecture
  • Visual design
  • Digital development
  • Aftercare


Back in 2015 they approached us with a brief to build a digital space that worked as a natural extension to their new office premises, to create a coherent and compelling brand experience on and offline.

We took inspiration directly from freud's head office's 'curiosity wall', which arranged inspiring and intriguing objects within a strong geometric grid. Online, the grid became a unifying framework to display and navigate a broad range of diverse projects. This rational and aesthetically striking arrangement was built to support an ever changing display of content in a system that was simple for the team to update.

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