On The Edge Conservation

Editorial platform for a storytelling, science and technology company.

On the Edge Conservation (OTEC) is a media and technology company for nature. They use storytelling, science and technology to shift perspectives and drive positive change. Their mission is to develop entertaining, compelling narratives that inspire a greater respect and appreciation for endangered species.

Good Caesar worked closely with OTEC to reimagine how to tell these different stories on the web. Our aim was to to create a dynamic site for them that faithfully combined and communicated the diversity of their work. From a YouTube channel featuring virtual influencers to stories about their impact in the field. The resulting site is their new editorial home.

Custom Publishing System

The On the Edge web-platform uses the Sanity Cloud CMS. By using it we were able to provide them with a custom content editor that feeds a detached public site. This means they get a Content Management System with a data structure specific to their needs, and a public-facing site that's well suited to agile development and design. This allows us to avoid the common pitfalls of legacy content management solutions and improve development speed, design flexibility, security and scalability in a stroke.

The frontend was built in Symfony, currently our favoured solution for custom, innovative and secure content-driven applications.