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Blue Marine Foundation

Blue Marine Foundation

The Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) is a charity dedicated to creating marine reserves and establishing sustainable models of fishing.

BLUE needed a concise way to communicate its international remit and the global significance of its work. It also needed to make an impact: to clearly describe the critical importance of overfishing in a way which would drive immediate engagement. Read more

Starting from scratch, we designed a new global platform for the charity which set short powerful statements against beautiful ocean imagery. We built an interactive digital map to both illustrate the global reach of the charity, and to encourage visitors to explore each project in detail. By diving deep into BLUE's mission, we fully understood and powerful website which drove engagement across all devices.

We re-designed, built and launched a new website that promotes BLUE's work and it's global impact on our ocean's ecology. As their digital designer & consultant we helped the organisation to expand the scope of their projects online, by building interactive digital maps and integrating content across all digital devices.

What we did

Information architecture, visual design, custom map and development